Canine Therapy

They don’t care whether you are pretty or ugly,
They don’t care whether you are rich or poor.

They have very trifling demands.

Give them a hug and they have phenomenal love to share-
Love that is unalloyed, steadfast and unconditional;

Give them bread and they have life-long loyalty to offer-
Loyalty that is unflinching, unwavering and selfless;

They can touch your heart while man may not.
They can feel your warmth while man may not.
They remember your services while man may not.
They reciprocate with gratitude while man may not.

Dogs - they might be,
But in this world of dilapidating values,
They are constant reminders of trustworthiness;
Thus imparting the greatest lessons of humanity to mankind,
Not through empty words but exemplary actions.


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Epitome of unconditional love, Gentler than innocent doves, Loves without thinking of person's stature Truly Dogs are wonderful creatures, Good work...................