Canines In Love

Two dogs in the rain
Stray down midnight boulevards
Hungry beside trash cans,
But looking both ways
Before they cross the street,
You have to watch out for each other
In this cruel world of broken homes,
Any moment you might be penniless and alone,
Hold onto your pirate’s sleeves,
You’ll need each other
When you encounter angry seas,
Love is all you have
When your hopes and resources
Have become tattered rags.

by Uriah Hamilton

Comments (3)

I liked this a lot Uriah! unique and still with consideration of what they may feel. it is a precious gift if you can get in some one else's shoes and be able to express yourself like that! HBH
A poignant and captivating poem, These two canine friends need to hear a kind human voice calling them home out of the rain. Lovely, Uriah. Warm regards, Sandra
I like this Uriah! You have the right idea about dogs and bitches. Dogs are just so stupid though! lol they need a lead. 10 from lapping him up! Tai