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Canned Laughter
JG Joe Guillotin (1879-? / )

Canned Laughter

It makes me want to laugh
sawing a girl in half

and missing the mark

a bomb going off
in the middle of the park

a bird flying in an ocean of blue
hitting a pane of glass
invisible to view

It makes me want to laugh
telling them its showers
when its actually gas

when lullabies are sung for babies
who are perched precariously
on the limbs of trees

It makes me want to laugh
Those who believe in some great reward
when their next-door neighbor has a body stored

under freshly cemented foundation

But in all of creation...

It makes me want to laugh

when we blow up points on a map

on one man's behalf.

leaving thousands dead

It makes me want to laugh.
But I'll think I'll cry now instead.

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