We human beings are strange creatures.....
Seemingly eager to put forward our best features.
How we smile at each other, a smile so benign
We will give no one the reason to complain.

Consider what ponders in our innermost niches….
Plague us to be judgmental and seekers of blemishes.
We consider our fellow human being, a rascal, a bitch fit to be ditched
We must sew our target’s back with wanton needles, that s/he so stitched

Would find little relief from the harsh stinging bites
Hence cowering, seeks the dark and lonesome sites
Thus is the target unerringly cornered?
To be devoured by the voracious creature.

You may say, this is how relationships work
The suave, modern man, the social shark
And the helpless and gullible fodder, the other half
Yet to learn the ropes, say how to grab the grub and bluff
Thus while the trap is set to ensnare the innocent, for all it seems
The millions remain silent waiting for what happens to the victims
The helpless SOS, the heartrending cries, nothing will pierce
The heart of homo sapiens.

by Mandira Chattopadhyay

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