Poem By Jeff Law

I cannot reach you by phone its like we've lost communication
Anticipation, I’m sick of wondering and waiting
Suspense holds me in
And then I worry about exposure, and closure
I think I need time to gather my composure

I get an alert do I answer or divert
Because if I hear your voice my soul and heart begin to hurt
I answer and talk, and then my feet break into walk
My heart it starts its racing as my steps they begin pacing

Salty drops kiss my lips and my pulse it dips, as my world’s eclipse
A shadow covers over me
My senses freeze, I cannot hear or see

I love you so and the feeling is mutual not neutral
I feel alone and the feelings worse,
When I’m at home, cold and dark whilst on my own

Please rescue me; throw me a rope,
Not to hang but to climb because I simply cannot cope
I’m sinking, in the sands of time
the dunes make me blind; I cannot find the words that come to mind

My heavy heart grows, but I cannot give in
I must find the love and strength that comes from within
the days are weary and the nights are even longer
but knowing you're safe and your hearts in my brace
that knowledge makes me stronger

Please come home, not now but one day
Sunday? Hopefully it will be someday
let our love remain, and when you get back
tell me the fact and don’t let anything change

This love is genuine, real not a fake
Please don’t let me break, I cannot take that mistake
The night is the breaking point; I’m weeping like a willow
And turning to the cold and dry side of my pillow

Being in love is perfect and in times like this it is worth it
I will grind out days and find out ways to make this week come through

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