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Cannot Say I Know Much About Nature

Cannot say I know much about Nature those who do are of the lucky few
But in my many walks in her quiet places from her I've always learned something new
And the more one learn about her the more one come to realize
That Nature she is a marvel one who never ceases to surprise
Immortality for Human kind is surely based on a lie
Nature is the one immortal all other life forms born to die
Three score and ten years for a human being the average life time span
If I will live for ten more years I will be an old man
Nature will live forever for as long as the wind will blow
And for as long as the big river to the great ocean flow
She will always be around the one who will live forever more
Her presence all around the World she lives on every shore
On the length of Human life no guarantee I may have lived my last Spring
And without me life will go on and the birds will chirp and sing.

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