Cansado De La Vida, Temeroso De La Muerte

Being divorced by His daily bread,
He scold his heart and mind.
He'd devised arts of all kinds.
Yet, indifferent is the daily bread.
Then he resolved within himself:
If life will not, then let's try death.
Folly being his boast,
Indecision had him like hay around tossed.
He said: 'I'm tired of life, i'll die'.
So, he did all means to fear his breath tried.
He hastened straight into the jungle,
But when he saw the Lion, his legs fumbled.
"No matter coin life gives you,
Death cannot give you two."
18: 01: 13: 14: 36

by Adeyemi Joshua

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Well written, excellent poem, But if you please put a note about the meaning of the title of this poem in English, will be clear for the readers, thanks for sharing the poem with us