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Cant You See It In My Eyes?
LN (September 19,1977 / Detroit, MI)

Cant You See It In My Eyes?

Can't you see it in my eyes?
There was a connection from the time our eyes met
It wouldnt be for some time yet
that I would know what that connection meant
But before long, it was over with.

Can't you see it in my eyes?
that my light is not as bright?
Because you are no longer in my life?
Because you chose to make someone else your wife?

Its like you up and suddenly had died
And I keep telling myself this is all a lie

Cant you see it in my eyes?
The love I had for you simply could not be denied
Everyday when I awoke next to you in that hospital room
With every changed patch and dressing
from having to nurture your wounds.

Cant you see it in my eyes?
My loyalty to you and still you leave
Leave me all alone with our business and our home
I tried every day to keep the tears from coming on

Cant you see it in my eyes?
Our connection we could never hide!
No matter how much we both tried
Us meeting and these created memories cannot be denied

Cant you see it in my eyes?
That I was your biggest cheerleader
wanting nothing more for you to be an achiever
To see you spread your wings
Enjoy this life, you know... new things

Cant you see it in my eyes?
The hurt and pain I felt when I found out you were cheating on the internet?
While I lay in pain from the loss of our babies whom we never ever met?

Cant you see it in my eyes?
My soul was one with you...
You ALWAYS said its not 'me', its 'us'... us two
I avoided love in all my guarded ways
but MY GOD, in my heart you continued to stay

Cant you see it in my eyes
I wanted to be the one still with you on the other side
the other side of the person I first met in you who all he did was hide

Hurt, depression and pain
It was why you played those games
I watched you bask in your mental torment
And one day you fell on your knees and I told you to repent

Cant you see it in my eyes?
My life no longer mattered
because your life was completely shattered. THATS LOVE.
We found love in a hopeless place
fulfilling each others empty spaces.

Cant you see it in my eyes?
I let you in my life, thought I'd be your WIFE
To my son, he looked up to you like a figured father
He too affected, now with no one will he bother

You thought of only yourself when time came
not owning up and taking the blame
for causing false love and deception
chasing after hoes, prostitutes.. I was SO disguested

This pain gets better over time
Yet I yearn to see the brightness in my eyes
My life isnt as fun as it used to be
Because youre not in it, dont you see...

You gave me Faith in men again, I can agree
All to take it back from me
I thought surely this was all a dream
that you return someday most certainly.

Cant you see it in my eyes?
I know you despite the mask and lies others see
beyond the fog and lights, youre fighting a disease
that we both started battling and praying to God on our knees

But you gave in before God could take you under His wing
back to being Lucifer's playful little thing!
You met a stranger and asked her to be your WIFE
like she'd been there thru all these things in your LIFE! !

Cant you see it in my eyes?
I cannot cry but I can no longer hide
in my heart youll forever lie
I am most disappointed in me
for getting in this thing so deep
I should have kept you far away from me
and my kids hearts more importantly

In you I had so much confidence
Looking back, it really doesnt make much sense
I was your lover AND your friend
Did I deserve this in the end? ?

In time my heart continues to mend
I thank God sometimes this had to end.
Because when you cheated on her with me in that car seat
I knew you'd never change...in fact its just YOU... it was never ME!

Even on my birthday you were reaching out to cheat
had me thinking I was making you so happy!
If I'd done half the things you tried to do
You wouldve been gone! You would have been THROUGH!

I often feel so sorry for you
because you continue to mask your pain
behind the collection of every woman
but she will surely find out who
you really are if shes not a fool

Cant you see it in my eyes?
you were my RIDE OR DIE
We had an amazing journey on lifes high
We saw each others MANY sides of
The expectation of a groom and his BRIDE

'Flaws and all'... I'll love you til
the day my eyes close and the dirt of my grave is filled

I used to think on your wedding day, I pray
that you reflect on OUR best days
I pray you dont make a huge mistake
in letting our love getaway...

God wanted to use you in so many ways
yet you allowed struggle to make you stray
before you get to the other side of sunny
You have to clear away the dirty and the ugly

God got both our attention in different ways
We had some pretty good and some horribly bad days
but in the end those trying times
those are by which you typically bind

I am not bitter, in fact Im MORE BOLD
Im enjoying watching life unfold
Im not quite as happy as I used to be
But I believe time heals... I believe THAT firmly.

Cant you see it in my eyes.....?

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This is a very candid admission of what went on in the name of a love affair which turned out to be 'causing false love and deception'. Thanks. I quote: I was your lover AND your friend Did I deserve this in the end? ? I am not bitter, in fact Im MORE BOLD Im enjoying watching life unfold