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Canto Xxv The Cocytus
BAA (06OCT58 / Alton, IL)

Canto Xxv The Cocytus

In life I was a sailing man,
Women and whiskey in every port.
The Devil was my constant friend,
Oh, how I did cavort.
So when I drank myself to death,
It was really no surprise,
That down to bloody hell I'd go,
After my demise.
I'm up to my neck,
In the Cocytus,
But at least I can look around.
I see so many familiar faces,
I don't mind the frigid women,
And I do not mind the ice,
But having no more whiskey!
Well, that just isn't nice!
And even though I'm freezing,
What really gets me hot,
Is seeing souls,
In other circles,

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Ha, ha, ha! Good one. Now how do you both collaborate on something like that. I can only imagine the giggles that created this. Adeline