Canute And The Waves

As winds of change rage, storms around this weathered place
Man must answer God for all we do and all I am.
I remember a King who said to the waves “Go Back! ”
“I command thee! I am King; you must do just as I ask! ”
Yet still forward the fomentation, devastation, lack of vision.
So who controls the angry Gods?
He turned from lordly Minister to Excellency Prime Minister.
You make a fool of me, but jesters of us all.
As you, call the winds to Justice.
Guilty of sin then you and me.
First, we let the rains in and then the water touched my heart
In addition, we stood by, watched, and let the people die.
You and I tossing money at the funerals of children
As the Trumpets wept a solemn note.
We danced the grand parade of Death.
You and I were safe as we, marshaled our defeat.
I am the King and I called my men.
The men who march away.
Most sinister of Ministers.
The Knights in shining armor
The white ghosts are running in a dead black town.
No room at the inn, even for the crying ones.
The dying and the silent ones that keep floating by,
Living or dead, did not seem to matter much.
At least not to me as such.
For I am the King and I told the waves to stop.
Therefore, who am I to blame if everyone gets wet
When the rain comes down!

by Susan Casey

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