Yes, I have shouted across the great canyon
as long and loud as ever I could muster
only to have the sounds hit that granite wall
on the other side
and bounce back in echoes onto me
with such force
as to knock the wind out
and fling me backward
to land with an audible thud on my ass!

by Tara Crown

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Comments (5)

Nice poem Tara! keep it up.............willow
Love this, Tara! Keep yelling, it will keep the poetry coming, Linda
It's exactly as Linda says, Tara. And rage has a particular knack for turning on its source. Comic and serious again. I'm starting to really like your style of writing, Tara. Regards, Gina.
Just like life! Sometimes the things we send out come back and bite us on our backside. Ouch! !
Great! I love it.