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Captain Con Murphy Of Ballydaly

It has been ninety six years since Captain Con Murphy of Ballydaly was the first Irishman for the possession of arms to be put to death
By order of the British Government by firing squad he was robbed of his living breath
In January nineteen twenty one in Cork Military Barracks on his life's thirtieth year
One who died as he lived a brave man free of fear

For the love of his Country Captain Con gave his life
He was robbed of the gift of becoming a father or of having a wife
His father and mother and his siblings would not have wanted him to die in this way
Though he died as a true soldier under fire of him would be true to say

He was one not destined as many are for to live to grow old and gray
Though he is celebrated as a deceased war hero in the Duhallow of today
With a terrace of houses in Millstreet Town and a Monument in Ballydaly in honor of his name
Yet sadly he did pay the highest price for his enduring fame

In wars for self government through the decades many good young lives have been lost
And all things in war does come at a huge cost
Captain Con Murphy of Ballydaly was a brave and a legendary man
But sadly his life taken from him in a foul way and he did not live out his natural time span.

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