(6th September,1987. / West Bengal, India)

***captain Jack Sparrow***

Smearing shrewdness in his eyes
Baffling destiny with his lies
In the pirate’s paradise
When the dark man sails his ship in the darker blue ocean

Knowing the typhoon may come
He remains impassive & calm,
Leisurely sipping old rum
You know, harbors are bullshit, the sea is his haven.

Defying death or its effigy
Instilling faith in his enemy,
He makes you go crazy
When the whole world cringes back before his lethal attraction.

He is cunning, he is wise,
He is charming otherwise.
He gets hurt, hates cries
But nothing seems impossible for this valiant ruffian.

For him, life churns fun.
Prefers acumen than gun.
Among many, he is one,
Being a pirate he treads like a king, as there has never been a tomorrow.

I crave to be like him
Deadly sharp, duly slim
Mischief filled up to the brim
Undaunted Caribbean sea king, Captain Jack Sparrow.

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