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Captain, Oh My Captain

Captain, oh my Captain
Why abandoning the ship,
The skies are dark and gloomy above
But, up ahead is our illuminated slip.
Though the waters are becoming rough
But, that should not deter the mission,
Let's throw out our nets and lines again
And continue, our fishin'.

Captain, oh my Captain
Please once again ring the bell,
Everytime that you are fishing
You have pulled a soul from the clutches of Hell.
Though the weather wasn't always stormy
Sometimes it was peaceful and calm,
And you always sailed the mighty ship
From gloom, unto the dawn.

Captain, oh my Captain
Many fishes you have sought,
Lost souls are still in the waters drowning
And they still all need to be caught.
Where is the next destination
We need a Captain to steer our float,
Captain, oh my Captain
Has sadly walked off the boat.

Randy L. McClave

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