(01/19/1990 / Houston, TX)

Captain On Deck

Welcome everybody
I am so glad to see
You all aboard my ship
You may call me Captain Rave Slendy

You may know my brother
He's know as Slenderman
A really tall guy
Who could really use a tan

But don't you worry
Have no fear
I'm not after your souls
To party is the reason I'm here

I've got an eight page bible
You best know I'll never lose it
Called Capt. Slendy's Party bible
So how about we review it?

Step one: gather friends
Step two: find some booze
Step three: grab a dj
Step four: be careful the music you choose

Step five: Drop the bass
Step six: drink up and have fun
Step seven: sleep it off
Step eight: Repeat the steps because the party's never done

So lose your mind
And dance til you drop
Just remember the number one rule
Capt's Slendy's parties never stop

Let the epic stories begin
Booze will run like the Nile
And when you finally get off my boat
You'll definitely leave with a smile

So come on board
Throws your troubles away
And ask yourself
You ready to party with the Captain today?

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Rudyard Kipling


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