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By the crimson life
Beneath the shell
Wondering when to expire
Because no one
Can ever tell
Shiny steel so bright
It’s wondrously honed
Dilemmas of the Life
Are constantly bemoaned
Don’t forget to go directly
Across the street kids!
It is the surest way
But quicker then the blink
Of an eyelid?
Without a doubt-
We must resolve
Into a silver dew
Else here we are stuck
And must stay
Till our tears have run anew
Mouth to mouth
We breathe our breath of Love
How dare you to deny
The hand that fits
Inside the glove?
Anger, it’s blinding
I know that you’re unworthy
It has me by the throat
I don’t know how to save me
Hermes, will you guide me?
Or will angels hold my hand?
I would rather descend with Tinkerbelle
Into NeverNever Land
Lightning flashes
Brief so bright-
A shot well taken
The intent of the pose is impossibly

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