PE (May 27 / Fort Polk, Louisiana)


She is held captive in her own mind
Slowly but surely becoming blind
Not knowing how her life will end
Now more than ever she needs a friend
Ready to give up, tired of fighting
The only thing she can do is keep on writing
There’s only so much that a person can take
Eventually she is going to break
Tonight she walks home all alone
Arrives and sits down watching the phone
Continues to wait for someone to call
But falls asleep with nothing at all
Wakes up, someone is at her door
Inside she screams out for no more
Knows what’s happening, she cries, alert
Waits until she feels the hurt
After it’s over, she lies awake
Tries to sleep, her mind and body ache
She slowly tiptoes down the stairs
Hears more pain and screams of despair
As she grabs the knife from the kitchen
The phone starts ringing but she doesn’t listen
Too concentrated on leaving this place
Tears run down her broken face
The message machine begins to play
As she starts to fade away
He speaks of his devotion to her
But the voice is already becoming a blur
The message stops playing, but she’s already gone
A girl is now dead, as the night turns to dawn

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Comments (2)

I love this one. Flawless Execution in time line and rhyme scheme. Beautiful.
Wow you tell some pretty tall well written tales.... :)