'Beauty Is Only Skin Deep'

My skin may not be flawless
My eyes might not be… the right shade of blue
But what I have… that some others do not
Is the deepest love of God for you.

For you see only peoples exterior values
And haven’t taken the time… to look within.
To see that my life has been renewed
And that God has forgiven me of my sins.

All ones outwardly loveliness… thought
Will all one day fade away from view.
But what will really remain forever in eternity
Is what Christ has done in you.

Had you surrender all of yourself to Him?
Did you help your neighbor when called?
Did you feed the hungry…cloth the naked?
Did you do anything... for mankind and God at all?

This is the beauty… our Lord sees
Not the fleshly house we all strut about.
It’s all but hay and stubble to God
But the beauty that lives for within…must show out.

by Linda Winchell

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glad you shared this lovely piece, another captive to love, very nicely penned :)