BM (26-03-45 / Salford, England)

Captive Of A Grecian Moon

The gentle beat of waves on sand
Helios sinks below a darkening sea.
yielding his sky to the glory of Selene’s smile,
the whiteness of the sand becomes a silver grey,
figs trees now darkened rows against the land.
I am seduce once more, my senses no longer free
the willing captive of a Grecian moon.

The waves of this ancient centre sea caress my feet
white crests bejewelled by the tide’s phosphorescence.
Each sound holding harmony with the next
all that is peace is captured in this amber of time,
and be there Gods or be there none, in this instant
my heart knows the same majesty they would hold.
Whilst high above my captor smiles on all knowingly

Slowly dies the hum of the Cicada’s busy song
driven to stoic silence by the cooling evening breeze
on the air the mingled scent of Black Pine and Mimosa
from a sea in gentle mood a gifted hint of salt upon the lip
soon all that is not of this place is for an instant vapour
bound am I in silver chains, the bounty of a Grecian moon

To: David
I hope I did justice to your Moon, I left her exactly where she was, in all her splendour, awaiting her next captive.

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