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Capture The Silence!
GW (June 11 1962/ / London Ontario Canada)

Capture The Silence!

In silence of lonesome night,
I hold the pillow you lay,
And crave the warmth o' thy body.
In absence of presence being,
I cling to feelin' of touch,
An' hunger the trail of thine hand.
In dismiss of solitary mind,
I grasp moments you fill,
And thirst for the spirit of thy soul.
In silence of breaths' whisper,
I embrace each syllable note
And conceive the making of Love.
In absence of your identity,
I capture the life you live,
And inhale the fragrence of your sent.

For this be the reason of my surrender...

Unto you 'til my days shall end..................

GJW 12/12/06

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Comments (5)

Well Geoff, you have really captured an intimate moment here, well done, Love duncan X
A fine piece of loving romantic words, well done!
This captured silence speaks loudly Sir Geoff...romance engendered from the soul. Very well done! ...................Diane
Sir Geoff of Valentino Status>>>You Romeo, you...A fine Penning here, ladened with sprinklings of th'ol' poetic elisions in th' classic days o' yore...Job well done. ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''{F j R}
A complete capitulation to your beloved is called ' Fanaa ' in the sufi terminilogy....which is what you are professing here. Great read. Love...TO