AR ( / Topeka, Kansas)

Captured In A Tide Of Thought

I gasp for breath as I break the surface
Of the raging storm-churned waters.
I feel the waves crash upon my face
As I fight to stay afloat.

I know I’m losing, but still I fight,
And look for something to keep me up.
I grab the timber drifting by,
It’s the key to my survival.

I cling to this last shred of hope
As I float through lightless night.
I’m starting to think I’ll just let go,
For I don’t think I will be saved.

I steel myself, accept my fate
As the sunrise calms the storm.
I succumb to the embrace
Of placid water, as soft hands touch.

I fly free, away from the cold,
Away from the clutches of the see.
I feel rushing air upon my face,
And then I know, there’s nothing to fear.

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awesome words, pretty deep to, but wut did u mean by 'rushing air upon my face'?