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Car Theft
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Car Theft

Drivin' away in my automobile,
taking a corner a little too fast
chuckling loudly about the great deal
300 horses oh what a sweet blast.

Coppers are hanging on to my tail,
ought to be chasin' the crooks in town,
planting my foot, stay out of jail
what's going up surely comes down.

God gave me this Daimler Benz
ain't my corned beef if laws of the land
do not conform, I have great friends,
up there in heaven where Jesus blends

fuel made for racing, sends it to me
nothing they have will keep up the pace.
I will prevail, be homebound for tea
pigs of the world, give up your chase.

Drivin' away in my automobile
writing my laws as I want them to read,
no one but I would know how to steal
modern fast cars, it's a definite need.

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you old petrol head, you...