Poem Hunter
GS (19/1/90 / birmingham (England))


My cat came bounding in one day,
As I heard the flap in the door
i too heard a sharp, strangled caw.
‘The hell was that? ’ I mused,
And ventured forth.
but what sight i found
left me sick and bemused

It had in its mouth a pigeon by the neck
The bird still feebly twitching,
I watched in sick horror as my cat
Began to pull and pluck feathers
From from the bird,
Its carcass plump and fat.

With a loud clap I scared the cat away,
And with a plastic bag
I picked up the dead bird from where it lay.
‘Amazing’ I thought,
Feeling that the bird was still warm
‘How fast life becomes meat’.

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We are all food for worms - and how superbly you capture the futility of it all.