Cardboard Box

When I was young, I lived in a box
It was like any other home...
there were rules to follow
and we all ate at the table during dinner.

Yet, my space and area were limited,
as I was only able to peek from my selected area at limited intervals.

Occasionaly, sunlight would filter in,
splashing my face with warmth,
and touching my heart with a hope to escape.

Any moment, I would try to sneak through the cracks, an arm would grab me, and pull me back in the box.

My emotions and wisdom were almost taking up too much room -
As I was growing too large to fit into this box,
It was almost time to find another one.

No matter how hard I tried to escape,
the cracks that were once visible, began getting taped back together.
Soon after, sunlight had stopped filtering in.
It was time for a new box.

I became angry..
Filled with rage.
No longer was I allowed space.
I could suffocate any moment.

I tore off the tape, and let in the sunlight.
Then I ripped down the box on all the sides,
Shredding the box until it was no more.
My heart had warned.

It was time for a new box.

I escaped in fury, perhaps madness.
But now, my heart and mind had plenty of room to grow in this world.

Later on, I replaced the box.
This one had windows on all sides,
A window for every time one wanted to look out into the world.

One shold be able to look into the future, without living in darkness.

by Ariana Cherry

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