Cardiff By The Sea

Poem By Charles Garcia

California coast line another sunny day,
The beaches are all loaded, ” Cardiff by the sea”

Many out to play, to display their surf boards
And their bodies in many different ways.

California beach coastline another holiday, not a parking
Space along the beach this very day, as people from all over came early, intend to stay.

The waves so majestically approaching, some four feet high or more, breaking systematically such beauty to unfold.

The surf~ boards, floating gently to the shore, than the surfers swimming out to meet a new wave once more.
This is what I witnessed as I drive along the California Coast line. Cardiff by the Sea.

August 2006

Comments about Cardiff By The Sea

You paint your canvas as if effortlessly; no still life, this! You transport the reader right there into a fleeting slice of life, driving by right with you. Grand. t x
A word painting drenched in California sun. Very lovely work, Charles. Kind regards, Sandra

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