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Cardinal George Pell

Of late things for him are not going at all well
The venerable and honorable to many Roman Catholics Cardinal George Pell
Some of the former abused children in the Ballarat Royal Commission said of the abuse he did know
And of that he is hiding the truth the suspicion does grow

The financial C E O of Francis the Archbishop of Rome
George Pell is known to be quite an important person a long way from home
But a few of the many children abused by the jailed priest Gerald Risdale says the then Bishop Pell did realize
And that he is one of those who believes his own lies

It is clear that some of the Ballarat victims of sexual abuse by the stories they have to tell
Do not agree with the denial of any lack of knowledge of the crimes of Gerald Risdale by Cardinal Pell
It does seem that Cardinal Pell than the victims of abuse by lying has far more to gain
Why i have come to this conclusion do i have to explain

Cardinal George Pell the Financial C E O of Pope Francis in the Vatican today
One might say for himself in life he has been doing quite okay
But since in our associations with criminals we must wear some taint
The Cardinal is hardly what is known as a living saint.

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I think when the organisation becomes more important than doing the correct thing surely you loose sight of God? I wonder when he goes to confession does he find absolution of his sins? I wonder.