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Cardiomegaly? Really?
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Cardiomegaly? Really?

Each day I wake and shuffle to
first to the switch and then the loo.
While the computer whirrs and hums
I cross my fingers and my thumbs.

But, hey, she has been there already
when I was still inside my beddie.
At lunch I'm home for just an hour
and there she is, my Fuchsia flower.

I see her everywhere, I do
up in the sky, inside the blue,
and in the water of the ocean
I don't deserve that much devotion.

Instead, I am the one who is
a man who knows the world and his
pre-destined place, no question there,
but things have changed, I may be heir

to destiny's amazing plans
for two bright souls to do a dance.
The future is a big unknown
not clear cut but not overblown,

and if you ask, I say no more
except that I, myself adore
the one who's waved at passing ships
and then came close to kiss my lips.

I kissed her back with open eyes
and felt confused and not too wise.
Then, we repeated in the dark
the kissing, and a single spark

flew like a meteor between
the twins and me, though quite unseen.
The spark ignited that which had
commenced upon a narrow pad.

So many moons back in the past,
so, did we know that it would last?
Don't give me logic or convention,
there is no need for further mention.

We both have cardiomegaly
accommodating you and me.

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