A cry from the heart is cried to be heard
Like a shooting star is meant to be seen
Tears rolling down are to be wiped away
As many things in life should have been

A broken heart should be gently mended
And treated as gold for it is worth much more
Take time out in life to discover its worth
Watch the wave’s crash down upon the shore

Tears in the soul should never be over looked
For it is the very being of life alone
With every small breathe the heart beats on
Listen for the smallest heart cry and weakest tone
Foxy 08

by foxy babii

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lovely it is babii! at an early age the instinct appears to be intense gret goin
A person always runs the risk of being wrong, but if you take these words and think of someone who is carrying a least for me, it brings a beauty to it...but that's what's nice about poetry, we all bring our own experiences to what the poet experiences...