Care For You

Single out the incidence
Try to feel is absence
Else it shall ruin you completely
The love failure may be true regrettably

Life has lot more to do
Love is not the only thing to pass through
Pain and feeling is natural thing
But to put everything at stake is pitiable thing

'I shall curse the sea to dry'
'Not allow the sun to rise daily'
Such nonsense sentences bring the glory down
Love stands for sacrifice and well known

Why someone should respond?
And correspond
For one sided attachment
That is condemnable comment

Let it be understood clearly
The feeling should be treated fairly
Why someone should hate you?
When she does not even care for you!

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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beautiful jasmine Franklin9 hours ago Very in tune..
very good Shipra Verma9 hours ago thoughtful and inspiring poem.. Comment +1
Single out the incidence Try to feel is absence