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Career Demolition Drive

Gazing at your image in the mirror
You see your past, your dreams and aspirations
And compare it with the
>>Present You>Stuck up with a career choice not as per their wish>Parents, a hearty Congratulation to you>You are happy- They aren’t, >Another ‘Career Demolition Drive’ is underway<<
Break this drive - Stop the demolition
Free your child from shackles of
Your dreams, your aspirations
And to let them live their own.

(6 August 2006)

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A doctor wants his son or daughter to be a doctor. Likewise, an engineer wants his son to be an engineer, without knowing the son's aptitude. This has been the tradition in our country in the system of hereditory system of professions. Even in politics, a leader is grooming his son to be a leader. What Preeti says is one way correct. A father should not force his decision on his son, who should have freedom of his own choice, if the quality of any kind of service is to be achieved. A good message from Preeti to all parents.
A fact of life beautifully told thru this poem.Excellent work. Ashish
Preeti, your poem effectively conveys a very powerful and happening scenario of today....we really do thrust our hopes and aspirations on our children often strangling thie ambitions just to satisfy ours...alas that iit should not be so very well done arti
Preeti, If you are the child, you have defeated your defeat! This is the most powerful expression I have come across in the form of poetry. Each one of US relate with this poem, but how? We are the children and we are the parent... Our parent that they are now - were the victim of the same story! But, will we repeat that story, is the question? Culprit? Is it Society and the sense of responsibility within to perform one's success by the display of the obedience of the child.... Is it the fallen pride? Is it the defeat of life? A question well raised, Preeti! {{{{{ i give you a standing ovation here }}}}}
Wow, Pretti, a very powerful message! ! It's impossible to be happy living someone else's dream. Great write! ! Brian
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