An Address, To The Right Honourable,

Whilst London town, resounds her Wilkes's name,
Scorching allegiance, with her patriot flame,
Whilst Oxford, still for blackest arts renown'd,
Maintains her fame, and bravely keeps her ground;
Whilst Jedburgh town, a standing mark appears,
Of wholesome justice, as in former years;
Whilst Norland lowns of ever venal name,
Consign their native walls to endless shame;
Whilst great mens tools, in legal frays collide,
With English knavery fraught, and Scottish pride;
Let us, my happy friends (for well we may)
Congratulate ourselves, and hail the day.
No sneaking bribes, our honest hands have ting'd,
No private views our liberties infring'd;
Nor learned in distinctions have we known,
Our country's weal to differ from our own:
Merit alone can our esteem engage!
And venal tricks excite our patriot rage.
Long may such sentiments inflame our souls,
(Whils't neither knave nor fool, their force controuls)
May sacred liberty be still rever'd,
And decent worth continually preferr'd;
May gratitude, to Laurie and Dundas,
Erect a trophy, durable as brass.

by James Wilson Claudero

Comments (3)

Beautiful poem with nice penmanship.
Great write. And it doesn’t have to be a career!
Her wondrous pictures! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.