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Careful Falling In Love
SM (June 1941, Cancer / Egypt)

Careful Falling In Love

Don't fall in love so quickly
You may get hurt and soon regret
Be vigilant, smart and resist
It is easy to fall in land of love
It may not be easy to get up again
You may get caught in the net
Like lonely fish in the ocean
Try to swim fast, to stay far
Avoid the merciless net
Put your heart and mind in sync
Make the right decisions
But foremost don't rush
and be a sore lone loser

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Comments (5)

You may be caught in the net Like the silver fish in the ocean Do your best swim fast, swim far Avoid the merciless net.. don't rush.. very good advice dear poet. The youngsters should read your poem dear poet. tony
Ha ha in other words say no to one night stand ;)
a lovely poem..and very good advice..thanks
Don't fall in love and get hurt Be vigilant and resist It is easy to fall in love fatherly advice with golden words. I greatly appriciate the simple way of putting it.. great write and source of inspiration sir.....10 read mine anywhere....follow usual path
Nice idea, nice message. Lovely short poem.10+++