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Help Wanted
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Help Wanted

Single momma went to the fridge and
It was bare, as being the provider for her household
She was filled care.
Yet she remember that God promised to always be there
Suddenly she had no fear
There was a knock her door,
a unfamiliar face she was out there
A neighbor told a friend, that this single parent job
sadly had to end also
She needed to be encouraged that she could still win
That stranger which is now a friend
came to bring bags of groceries and clothing
It seemed to no end
The help uplifted the mother
They all now are consider friends
They each assist others when in need
They teach the hurting
just how to live again

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Comments (4)

How interesting, How I can pin point out in my mind who you might be talking about. so vivid and nicely put
You put your brain in neutral gear and pass on anything you hear. ...........................................wonderful humour and satire...very thoughtful...it brought a smile and an instant agreement to your thought....the confidential is least confidential...enjoyed the paradox.... **Abha**
Very good Ivor... despite it being a quite long poem, it kept me riveted to the end... it is an interesting relationship between the talker and the listener, you did it really well. Thanks - Yuri*
Great one Ivor! ! If you want a secret told, tell a gossip not to spread a word and they'll be sure that it is heard! ! *10*! ! ! Friend Thad