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Cares And Worries

We all have our own cares and worries even every billionaire
Despite their vast amounts of money of worries do have their own share
A happy and a carefree person is one you do not meet every day
Though it is true that worrying about them does not make your problems go away
The more you do worry it is known the bigger your worries do grow
And everyone at some time in their life at some time of some sort of worry does know
In a World where billions of people every day do compete for work and success
Among the main causes of heart attack and cancer are the things known as worry and stress
We all have our own cares and worries they are part of life as some do say
It is because of these that some people do grow prematurely gray
If you are one with cares and worries on this you are not on your own
For these to many are familiar and Worldwide to every at some time are known
Yes everyone has their cares and worries they are two of our great mental foes
They can give rise to cancer and heart problems yet are part of life one must suppose.

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