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Caresses are a form of speech, a "touch" communication,
A means enhancing special moods, and need no explanation.
A versatile and useful form of special interacting,
They're sometimes used to stimulate, and some times for relaxing.
Caresses can! Be bothersome, a pain to some extent,
They must be shared in harmony, by mutual ! consent.
If you're upset, or feeling bad, an aching in your joints,
A shared caress or light massage, has beneficial points.
Sometimes we need to just be close !, no passion is involved,
Caresses are a soothing way, to have our need resolved.
Caresses used in other ways, to set some different tones,
Can activate a warm response, in your erogenous zones.
With finger tips, and palm of hand, caressing is an art,
Where giver, and receiver, take an active equal part,
They really are for sharing, in the true! sense of the word,
Caresses with a wrong intent, would only be absurd!
Like many other things we share, caresses are a gift,
Used properly, bring harmony, abused! can cause a rift.
Their purpose, is to show we care, whatever be the need,
They're only used in benefit, when mutually! agreed.

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