JCV (18 may 1990 / Aba, Abia stae)

Caressing My Thought

Forget keeping thieves out,
Keep them in where they can steal
And they won't steal but watch.
Pains are good because it purges out
Every day sin from the soul of a man.
We fear, yes, we fear what we do not
Understand even through our eyes which
Searches to gain wisdom and knowledge.
We are world of the soul not of the flesh,
Purge me out my sin and I shall be whiter;
Whiter than the dirty black snow that shine.
My master have said this before, I shall repeat
again: 'those who threaten God with force will
be net with force from the utter part of the earth;
Immovable and steadfast in the world of sin'
It seems that Eve bite of the Apple of knowledge
Was a debt women were doomed to pay eternity.
A weapon of death has no place in the shrine of
The gods that lives down the stream lines.
Man in man has dominated man to his injury,
Because many government has been weak.
A place where ancient secrets rose to its surface,
A place where forgotten histories emerged from,
The shadow of its stainless steel is the soul of a
man which calls for a silent call of distress.
Remember the days of goodness are over,
The pendulum has swung in fear of the enemies,
Mother earth has becomes a man's world of ego
which had spent centuries running unchecked by
Its woman counterpart, now life is out of balance.
Our hopes are caged in without knowing it,
From change to chain, humanity is lost forever.

(C) John Chizoba Vincent
Voice Of Vincent 2016

by john chizoba vincent

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