LP (5: 6: 54 / Huddersfield England)

Cargo Fleet Steel Works Silver Band

I was looking at the census
For a relative of mine
A task I thought would be easy
Just trip down the family line.

It was Charlie I was looking for
An uncle I am told,
Who worked in the Middlesboro shipyard
Before he got too old.

He had a very special job
Was famed throughout the land
As secretary to the Cargo Fleet
Steel Works Silver Band.

I am not sure what this entailed
It sounds so very grand
Being in charge of the Cargo Fleet
Steel Works Silver Band.

Perhaps he played the trumpet
Or a cornet he did blow
And together with the other chaps
Put on an marvellous show.

By day he was a stevedore,
Ships cargo he would load
He walked there every morning,
It was only down the road.

But when the piercing whistle went
To mark the end of day
He ran home at the double
So ready then to play.

Every evening he would practise
Cornet held in his hand
Cos he was in charge of Cargo Fleet
Steel Works Silver Band.

I believe he was a grumpy man
A smile never touched his lips
But to organise a concert
He was full of useful tips!

I never found poor Charlie
Tho’ I looked on every street
He was off performing with
The Silver Band of Cargo Fleet

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