Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are in
right now.
so many seem
to wear them.
Pockets here, pockets there,
I wonder did the designer
try to iron 'em? !
It is a chore to say
the least,
one I ignore for a long,
long time,
until they stack up on that ironing
board, and to see 'em is
like a crime!
So I finally have
a break down,
and before I start
to curse,
I get them ironed one
by one,
and dread the next time,
the stack seems even worse!
I look aghast at those
dreaded pants
that need to be ironed,
and it seems no time
has passed!
I close the door to think
some more,
about that stack of pants.
Maybe they will disappear
I think.
I know, I'll tackle instead
the dreaded dishes in the sink!
and so it goes on,
and really, grateful
I am.
I have my health
I am content-
I will continue
to iron those darn pants!


by Gwen Newcomb

Comments (1)

The wrinkled look is also in So let the cargos stack or maybe only iron the front since he can't see the back. I love you Mama, and I promise I won't tell if you only iron the front.