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Cari Ann Are We Loved?

There's a pretty little angel out there whom I have never met
Her heart floats above the waves it doesn't dare get wet
There's a pretty little angel whom I may never know
Cause Cari Ann feels it hurts too much to let her heartlight show

I connected with her soul across the audio electric line
And for a brief moment i thought i felt her heartlight shine
I know she owns a passion tortured by her own duress
She's drowning in her own orbit yearning for a soft caress

'We are a planet of Thinkers and Artists' she succinctly said
'Never one without the other, we do not love our brother'

Where there is no caring there can be no friendship
Where there is no friendship there can be no trust
Where there is no trust there can be no love
Where is there love in this barred and gated city?

I am finding O I am finding the irony in the name 'Cari'
To her I am a ghost or merely just a fairy
Friendship must be earned for it can all so simply break
It's as fragile as an eggshell translucent as a snowflake

Fragile Cari, a newborn babe seeming so limitless
Early on she suffered who knows from the slightest duress
We cannot risk until we know we can trust
We cannot risk we cannot dare to risk
We cannot risk until we are sure we are loved
We cannot risk until we are so sure we are loved
Cari Ann are we loved?
Will we ever be loved Cari Ann?
Will we love?
Beau Golden

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WOW! This is amazing!
i love this piece. hit those places at the right time.