Caricature By A Californian Artist

Poem By Natarajan Ramaseshan

Daniel was his name, an artist
One day with him we had a tryst
For dollars twenty it was done-
A caricature with lots of fun.
His sketch pen moved on paper board
Like brand new car on a smooth road
A stroke here and, oh, a stroke there
Made all passers -by stand and stare
First the nose, then eyebrows and eyes
Shape of face, then crown drawn to size
Both lips and ears, cheeks and forehead
Step by step, his work went ahead
God created us on this earth
On his pàper- it was rebirth!

(On 10/05/2014 we visited the San Diego zoo. There an artist drew our caricature (me and my wife) . I wrote this poem on that experience)

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