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The Harlot Of The World
DK (honestly why would i tell you? / does it matter?)

The Harlot Of The World

O Life, thou harlot who beguilest all!
Beautiful in thy house, the golden world.
Abidest thou, where Powers pinion-furled
And flying Splendors follow to thy call.

Innumerous like the stars or like the dust,
Nations and monarchs were thy thralls of yore:
Unto the grave's old womb forevermore
Hast thou betrayed the passion and the lust.

Fair as the moon of summer is thy face,
And mystical with cloudiness of hair. . . .
Only an eye, subornless by delight,

Shall find, within thy phosphorescent gaze,
Those caverns of corruption and despair
Where the Worm toileth in the charnel night.

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

Comments (4)

touched a life even one rife with pain maybe one like mine just on the edge about to wain...liked these lines......very much
This theme is prominent in.....In the face of restrictions the sower sows the word and the audience embraces a meaning invisible to the human eye! Kind regards Aine
Well-formed in its conceptualization. Keep writing!
If you are just 14 David, don't ever stop writing! this is a very deep well you so blithely dive into. Poetic truths, friends, life and death, it is all a journey. Keep the faith and if you, as you say, can enhance just one persons life with your muse, then you have suceeded. I agree with the titles assumption, Of course daring and caring are the tools by which we poets ply our art, any less would not be readerable or smart. Smiling at you, off to napfordshire, Tai