Caring For A Dead Fish

When the cupboard is bare
And the cat’s had the cream,
Who cares about a dead fish?

When the house is on fire
And the birds have all flown,
Who cares about a dead fish?

When your loved ones have gone
And you’re left all alone,
Who cares about a dead fish?

When the seas have dried up
And the land is all desert,
Who cares about a dead fish?

When the Sun has gone Nova
And we’re all blown to bits,
Who cares about a dead fish?

When it’s all empty space
And there’s nothing at all,
Even a dead fish would be worth caring about.

by Pete Crowther

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amazing unbelieveable
I had a fish - a spiny sailfinned Plecostomus, called Norman. I had him for a little over 10 years. When he died back in February, he had grown from his original 3/4' to about 10' long. Not only was he too big to flush, but frankly I didn't feel right sending him off in that time honoured way. So we gave him a viking burial - launched him in a box, complete with sail and figurehead, ablaze on a local river. As part of his send-off, a close friend had done some research, and read out your poem just prior to the launch. Thanks for the words!
It all starts with our indifference to something or someone little and seemingly insignificant, and it ends up with the global all-pervasive who-cares attitude that may one day ruin the world. Great message, Peter. A 10. Julia
I never thought a poem would be made with the line 'who cares about a dead fish'. A cool poem you have here Pete. It's a really cool one. I give it 10.
I wonder how many dead fish wash up on your doorstep daily that not one person cares about...could it be that you are able to see something coming that the rest of us fail to see? ? Time for all of us to wake up!
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