Carmen you have a lot of love in you, don't let anyone tell you
otherwise. I can see
The fight in your eye. Make it real, put the same fight in your life.
Carmen you got a
Lot of love to give. I know deep down in your heart you find it's hard to
But you must let the past go; and live for today, put yesterday in the past
The lord
Knows that love will never last. But if you have a friend. Friendship will
With-stand the past. Carmen you have a lot of love to give. If you could
not see
People would scream out loud at you. If you could not hear, people would
think that
You could not see. When you try to explain yourself people refuse to hear,
no matter
How hard you try. Carmen you have a lot of love in you. people talk all
the time, but
They don't know you. If you have a lover, the love will very soon
disappear, but if you
Have a friend, the love will last and last. Carmen you got a lot of love
In you.

by Jimmie Lee Saltmarshall


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