Carnal Geeks

I was sitting on our sofa
reading a book about
the original carnival geeks
when I realized my girlfriend
sometimes bites my head off
as though I were a chicken

Of course
she gets as mad
as a wet hen
when I call her
The Bearded Lady

Then we wrestle -
I pin her arms to the floor
like a beagle puppy
I lick the tip of her nose
She screams at me to stop
but can't quit giggling
as we begin
to tear each other's clothes off.

by Jeffrey Philip Clegg

Comments (3)

this was a the book, sofa, carnival and some other word I can't remember challenge right? Nice one. it took you forever to come up with this right? Like 3 minutes? : o)
Yes. It was a challenge (& speed) poem. I don't remember yours off the top of my head so post it and email me.
A true JPC poem....Wasn't this a challenge poem? Did I write one of these too? I'll hunt it down and post it here. I liked it...I could see it and it made me smile.