Every second week in May, people will have an urge to visit the florist, and choose carnation...
Big kids who just leave the college often choose pink carnation, and wish their mother to stay young and pretty.
Young parents while busy in taking care of their babies would like to choose yellow carnation, to show their hearted gratefulness to the lady who took care of them, when they were still a baby.
People who have gone through vicissitudes of life, often pick up red carnation for their aging mother, and make a wish for her good health and longevity.
Those people whose head are bold and scattered with silvery straws, usually buy white carnation for their dearest mother, who had gone already and left behind her love to them for eternity.
My dear friends, what colour would you choose?

by Siu Lun Tsui

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My dear friends, what colour would you choose? it is the colour of your heart, color of your love for the beloved mother for all the sacrifices she did for you so that you could grow to the man or woman that you are now....... thank you dear poet for this eulogy for your mother. tony