Carnival Of No Return

they say that
traveling carnival
will visit our town soon
whether the weather
has been lately
somehow filled with gloom

and I'm just lurking
by railway tracks
waiting for the ghostly train
and feel in my bones
that something wicked
is on it's sinister way

buy the ticket,
take the ride!
shout the jolly jesters
through danse macabre
balloons and darts
to house of wacky waxworks

lures everyone in
to explore the forbidden
fantasies of lust
with unknown consequences
something's just wrong
with this carnival of rust

what about somber freakshow
maze of terrors
thrills and spills
skeletal knife throwers
bizarre exhibition
dark amusements
or carousel that kills

beware the carnivores
from eerie carnival
don't go there when it arrives
beware the devilish attractions
don't believe
the bait of funny times

by William Greco

Comments (1)

I like the transition from the peaceful carnival to the dark secret c: