Poem Hunter
(04 October 1943 / Germany)


Hot pokers fell into my well.
She wrote!
It's been so many moons.
She took my blood,
and analysed it all.

Those were the days,
she had the expertise,
the looks and when she said,
let's walk, we missed the frigging bus,
and walk we did, as underfoot
a thousand maple leaves,
discarded and alone,
sang out in agony of sorts,
we paid no heed, but did
for decades yet to come,
store all the music of that day
away, so sweetly far, and even further
far away.

One cannot speak of these events,
we shall not know,
what human spirits can,
in memory recall,
but in a moment when the angels sing their song
my heart could falter and will ultimately fall.

I have been raised in a cold climate of despair.
Where only science and its disciples survive.
There cannot be a smudge of love for us to share
but will you kiss me, please to keep it all alive?

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Comments (4)

Your style and the flow of your poems has not faltered. Although I have not been around for a couple of years, I still see the same wonderful Herbert style shining through. You always were a wonderful realist and romantic rolled into one. This is totally beautiful A very well written Poem with just the right amount of romance to make the ladies drool. Excellent dear friend. HUGS Jan
Oh, Herbert - this is absolutely stunning, reminiscent of Roethke, but very much your signature voice. Touching, sentimental, and yet, you nailed the disenchantment that comes in intervals regarding science. Thank you for sharing.
Darling this is beautiful - achingly so. So much longing penned so poetically. You are one hell of a poet! love, Allie xxxxxxxxx
What great imagery, and what longing! You've done it again, Herr Dr. Nehrlich.