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The gorgeous alluring Carolyn
How could one man describe her beauty
If I were an artist I would paint her
As I believe to GOD and art that would be my duty,
Her eyes are as secretive as a mystery
And her hair it shimmers with fragrance and gold
Her lips they could melt the coldest heart
But of that taste, I have only been told,
She walks in the steps of the angels
With every movement or step that she makes
Sadly though I walk in the path of a sinner
With my own pain and sadness and aches,
She is the hypothetical angel with a broken wing
Upon Earth she is placed with hope for man
So she walks in beauty underneath the sun
And she's been there since my love began,
Someday though I hope that our paths will cross
And finally we will meet each other once again
I will introduce to her myself now a happy soul
And hopefully I will take the hand of Carolyn.

Randy L. McClave

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