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Carolyn Dropped A Rose In My Lap

Carolyn dropped a rose in my lap
And then just walked away
It's something that she has to do
She's a mommy again today
I loved the way she touched me
It's gentle and I long
My body is reluctant but it finally followed along
50 days from today is my 30th year on earth
All i have to show for it is a waning sense of worth
Someday someone may publish words that i had dared to say
But another 50 years from now it should just fade away

Sitting around writing down silly lines that may rhyme
Trying to concoct a verse that may survive this time
I've sat around for 30 years and wasted half my life
Sat in the dark, rotting my brain, refused to choose a wife

Carolyn dropped a rose in my lap made me shed a tear
Now I have to dry my eyes and survive another year
The color in my life has faded faded into gray
Old friends i love have stayed in touch the reason that i stay
I feel a bit like Emily did selecting a few this hour
Writing my thoughts pedantically gives me a bit of power

Life's not quite as sad on earth as my pen wants u to believe
But like a bee departs the hive i soon will have to leave
I've got to end this silly verse i've no words left to utter
I'm starved for more affection and my mind is in the gutter
There's a rose outside my window and the rain strikes it in vain
A rose's thorn hurts Carolyn's hand
Losing her will bring me pain

Carolyn dropped a rose in my lap and then just walked away
Our love will end i know it will
But it will not be today

Beau Golden

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Langston Hughes


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