JB (June 1,1988 / Muskegon Michigan USA)

Carpe Diem

At any moment in this lifetime,
There’s a tragedy ahead.
We don’t know where each path will lead,
In mere seconds, we could be dead.

There’ll be surprises around every corner,
And of course there’ll be wrong turns and dead-ends.
Data won’t help us in the future,
It merely tells us where we’ve been.

With so many people around you,
There will be no certainty.
All it will take is just one person,
To redirect history.

We must live each day like it’s our last;
We mustn’t stop and ask ourselves “why? ”
Do whatever your heart desires,
And in your dreams, reach toward the sky.

Don’t waste one single instant,
Valuable that they are.
But most of all, though it may seem far off,
It may not be all that far.

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This has a down-to-earth, every-day feeling without injecting fear. I would delet the 'My advice to you', then your advice would sound stronger.